Krust Gorilla

Krust Gorilla is a complementary and documenting publication, accompanying an exhibition organized by K–G–B and Butcher’s Tears in Butcher’s garage in Amsterdam (September 27—October 1, 2017).

The publication contains a series of exclusive photographic prints by artist Peggy Franck; poems, text and image contributions from Diana Ozon, Felicia von Zweigbergk, Karl Georg Staffan Björk, Bas Medik, Scapeous, Radna Rumping and Noiserr.

Numbered edition of 75, printed at Stencilzolder in Amsterdam. Concept and design by Karl Georg Staffan Björk, Monica Tormell and Felicia von Zweigbergk. Based on Libelle No. 4, February 1948, found in the exhibition area.

Price: €15 (excl. postage)

Order from, or buy your copy at Butcher’s Tears or San-Serriffe, Amsterdam, or KRETS, Malmö.